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Support AWDF

There are numerous ways in which you can support the work of AWDF:

  • Make a donation to AWDF. Send us an email via specialprograms [at] to find out how you can give

  • Set up a transfer or standing order to our bank

  • Join our workplace giving scheme

  • Start a donor circle

  • Make a legacy or bequest


To donate via wire transfer from anywhere in Africa, please makes a deposit into AWDF’s account using the following information

Account Name:           AWDF/Fundraising

Account Number         064/1008737

Bank Name                  Barclays Bank Ghana Limited

Bank Address             P O Box 2949

High Street Branch


Swift Code                  BARCGHAC


If you are in Ghana you can make a donation to us in Ghana cedis by making a deposit into our cedi account per the details below;

Account Name:           AWDF/Fundraising

Account Number         048/1014077

Bank Name                  Barclays Bank Ghana Limited

Bank Address             P O Box 2949

High Street Branch


Any time you make a donation into our bank account, kindly notify us by email at to let us know the details of your donation in addition to whether you want your donation to support a specific aspect of our work. Most importantly, contacting us will give us the opportunity to thank you in person for supporting our work.

If you are in Ghana, you can also sign on to our direct debit payment system and make regular monthly contributions support the work of AWDF. Refer all enquiries on the direct debit to


Portrait of an Individual Donor: Meet Nana Yaa Nimako

Nana Yaa Nimako, an individual donor who supports the work of AWDF.  Photo: Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah

Nana Yaa Nimako, an individual donor who supports the work of AWDF.
Photography by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah



Interview with Nana Yaa Nimako, an individual donor who

supports the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF)

Nana Yaa Nimako is a teacher at the Ghana International School based in Accra, Ghana and teaches English as a Second Language in the Secondary Section. Nana Yaa loves to sew and takes great pleasure in making her own clothes. She also loves to travel and describes the Soviet Union as her most memorable travel destination. Nana Yaa Nimako was interviewed at AWDF House by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, AWDF’s Communications Officer.


N.S: How did you first come into contact with the African Women’s Development Fund?

N.Y.N: I initially read about AWDF online. I discovered through the Internet, that women from other parts of the world are spending their time, money and resources to help underprivileged women in other parts of the world including Africa. This touched me and I thought, if women elsewhere care about those in Africa, then I could do the same for women in my country and that is when I decided to donate cash on a monthly basis to AWDF.


N.S: How long have you supported AWDF?

N.Y.N: I started supporting AWDF in December 2010


N.S: What’s the experience been like for you?

N.Y.N: I really enjoy being a part of AWDF. Through AWDF, I have been able to visit a women’s shelter for women infected and affected by HIV. I have been able to attend events organized by AWDF including the recent Hawa Yakubu Legacy Fund awards ceremony. I also receive a variety of publications by AWDF, which are useful learning materials. My experiences with AWDF make me happy that such an organization exists for African women.


N.S: What inspires you to continue supporting AWDF?

N.Y.N: If I can help women in need in anyway, I will. It makes me happy to know that I am able to support a woman out there who I don’t even know. That’s my inspiration.


N.S: Which areas of women’s rights work are you most passionate about?

N.Y.N: I am most passionate about women’s health. A lot of women in our part of the world do not have enough money to take care of their health needs. I am especially passionate about providing support to women suffering from HIV & AIDS. I will like to raise funds to cover the cost of anti-retroviral drugs and other medication for women infected with HIV.


N.S: What would you say to other potential individual donors who may be interested in supporting AWDF?

N.Y.N: I would say come and give what you have. You do not need huge sums of money. I don’t have too much money. It’s just the passion that drives me. Come out and donate to empower women. Thank God we have an organization like AWDF. The doors are always open at AWDF; all you need to do is come in and you will be given all the necessary support and information to sign up as an individual donor.