Our values

Values and Principles:

  • We believe in the personhood of African women, and that their rights are an inalienable, indivisible and integral part of universal human rights.
  • We believe in acknowledging, valuing and rewarding women’s paid and unpaid labour in the private and public.
  • We believe in solidarity, partnerships, networking, and commitment to young women’s leadership and an inter-generational transfer of skills and knowledge.
  • We believe in nurturing feminist principles and promoting feminist leadership.
  • We believe in our own diversity and recognise the benefit of working with diverse institutions and individuals.
  • We believe in, and encourage partnerships and alliances with men who are committed to the empowerment of women.
  • We believe in the growth and long-term sustainability of organisations led and managed by women in a democratic, transparent and progressive manner.
  • We believe that the African women’s movement is part of a broader movement within and outside Africa, aimed at creating an enabling environment for good governance, social justice and equality, and which tries to counter the negative consequences of globalisation.
  • We believe that our work is linked to that of a Global Women’s Movement which has worked hard for gains for women and which is sustained by the voices, hands and work of women from all over the world